Igloo cooler quick & cool 142lt

Every ship requires a variety of nautical appliances to facilitate certain actions while at sea, this helps those sailors who usually spend days in the ocean doing activities related to fishing to feel comfortable at all times.

It is for this reason that in various physical stores usually offer products of this type specifically for ships because they have specific characteristics in their design that makes them more tolerant to continuous movements and resistant to weather conditions that may come to present.

Igloo portable coolers

However, it is not necessary to lie about the cost of these articles since they require a great investment of capital to be able to obtain them and to enjoy their countless advantages, it is for this reason that it is required of a company that not only dispatches electrical appliances without knowing their specifications.

In this takes advantage of the nautical web store https://barcos.online/ where you can purchase high quality marine products designed for those who have most of their time crossing the sea, either for work and those who decide to enjoy the open landscape.

One of these appliances is usually the igloo fridge quick & cool 142lt as it represents a method of safe transport of those who practice fishing, as it can store products purchased directly from the sea while maintaining their freshness instantly.

Its design allows to install it in any part of the boat this represents an enormous benefit for those who own a small boat and have a reduced space where to place this type of artifacts that are essential to ensure the location of their work.

Another advantage of this refrigerator is that it has no electricity consumption thanks to the fact that it is a portable nautical refrigerator. This gives clear advantages over others of the same type as it has a wide capacity to use a minimum resource to expand the internal cold.

Characteristics of this product

The Igloo quick & cool 142lt Portable Refrigerator has greater cold retention thanks to its internal chamber of Ultratherm® type thermal insulation that is exclusive to the Igloo brand with which you can keep food, beverages and even seafood fresh for a long time.

It has a small gate on the top so it facilitates the process of examining its interior without having to open the entire top lid of larger size, this avoids the escape of the freezing element and that the temperature rises.

Its exterior has a special treatment that allows to inhibit the ultra-violet rays, this is especially useful for those occasions where the incidence of the direct sun on this refrigerator is inevitable. Its foldable handles are reinforced allowing to support great weights.

Inside it has a thermal thickness of 40 mm this helps maintain its temperature inside for a longer period of time, has a capacity of 142 liters or 248 cans of drink. Its external measurements are 106 cm long together with 47 cm wide by 50 cm high.

In barcos.online you can get an offer of up to 30% for this nautical fridge portable product to ensure that you purchase a quality product has a insurance of up to two years where if there is a manufacturing defect the company will make their respective exchange or refund.